3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Dreaming and Start Living

Embrace & Thrive - Stop Dreaming and Start Living

Before we start talking about why you should stop dreaming and start living, let me share with you what happened a few years ago …

Is she going to be normal someday? Like, being able to work?‘ Both my husband and I asked a psychiatrist who has been treating my sister in law for years.

Well, she is already in a very good condition now. She can take good care of herself. She is pretty much calm and well-behaved. As long as she is not doing any harm to herself or others, she is doing great.

Something struck my mind as I listened to him. I could not quite comprehend why I was so surprised to hear what he had just said. It surely was not just the fact that she may not be able to work like most people for the rest of her life. Now I realise that it was his tone of positivity and optimism! The way he was saying it, that was what made it worse.

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In Difficulties, Aim for Growth, Not Perfection

Embrace & Thrive: Aim for Growth

Yesterday we passed across an area about 5 minutes drive from our place. It was an intersection with a gas station and a few shops nearby. We often pass that area to go to our favourite places like a mall, a cineplex, a supermarket and a few restaurants. After living in this city for about a year, that area has become more than familiar to me. However, that was not the case when I got there for the first time.

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How to Deal with Life’s Transition

Embrace & Thrive How to Deal with Life's Transition

There are times in our lives when we need to adapt to a new situation. Losing a loved one, relocating to a new place, working in a new company, these are changes that lead us into a phase of transition. We haven’t got used to how things work in the new place or situation, but we’ve already left the old, ‘safe’ place where everything was so familiar and we knew exactly what to do and how.

During life’s transition, things may feel uncomfortable and we can get out of perspective due to the uncertainties it causes. Nevertheless, life goes on and we need to find ways to cope with it.

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