3 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose


We are all walking on a journey toward making the best of our lives. We may walk through different paths or have reached different stages in our journey, but one thing for sure, living with a purpose will help us find true joy and contentment.

Some of us may have found our purposes, while the rest may still be in search. In my previous post, I talked about something called Emptiness in Disguise. It is something I have experienced in the past. Some of you may have realised that you are experiencing the same thing. You have big dreams and you want to achieve them. You may have tried your best to achieve them and you believe it’s the right thing to do. However, during the process, you feel somewhat restless or unsatisfied. Deep down inside you feel like you need something more but you don’t know what it is. You keep searching for more, only to find yourself even more tired and restless. You feel empty inside.

We are all designed as unique individuals, each with a set of gifts, personality and character. We have different kinds of strengths and experiences that are unique to us. Having a purpose will guide us on how we can develop, optimise and utilise our strengths to live life to the full.

What is Life Purpose?

There are many versions of how we can define ‘life purpose’, but simply said, it is the most thing that we are passionate about. The ultimate drive that keeps you motivated when you wake up every morning. Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist called it our ‘Personal Legend’. Some people call it our ‘North Star’. Others ‘Passion’.

From the way I see it, life purpose is like a big, ongoing project that has to be accomplished. This big project can be broken down into smaller or short term assignments. It’s like ‘a quest’ in old fairytales. We will have to accomplish a series of small tasks until we finish the whole scenario. This project will have some requirements and we are the most suitable candidates with our unique strengths and potential. Mine will be different from yours, and yours will be different from your friends’.

I believe you’re already familiar with the idea of finding life purpose to make the best of our lives. The question is how? Here are some steps you can try in order to explore yourself and find the answer.

How to Find Your Life Purpose

Step #1. Keep in mind that just like ‘change is a process‘, finding your life purpose is also a process

The process can be different for everyone. For some people, it happens instantly. For others, it may take longer. Nevertheless, it’s worth the wait. It may require patience while keeping an open mind, but once you’ve decided to find it, you will find it.

This process may be longer and harder for you if you’re still carrying a lot of baggage and unable to let it go. Once you are able to make peace with yourself and believe that you’re enough, you will create a new, wide space to welcome this new, exciting journey.

Whatever you wish to change in your life, having a purpose will be a strong ground where you can make the leap to begin.

Step #2. Ask yourself what delights you the most

One common way of finding our life purpose is to search for and explore what we love doing. Remember ‘the requirements’ to accomplish the big project? We are usually very good at things we love doing. What makes you happy? Do you love children or being with them? Do you feel moved when you see unfortunate people? What do you enjoy doing? Is it outdoor activities? Painting? Usually but we love doing has something to do with our life purpose. However, sometimes it can be just the opposite. There are times when we need to step out of our comfort zone so we can break the mould, stretch and grow our capacity.

Step #3. Reflect on your past grief or painful experience

Have you ever heard that the most gentle and compassionate person is not the one whose life is always happy and surrounded by love, but a person who has experienced pain or brokenness? If you’ve ever experienced something bad and you’ve found your way to get out of it, your purpose may be to help people who are still struggling with the same thing. You can guide them step by step how to cope with it or you can share your story with them to encourage them and help them believe that they are not alone.

If you know how to deal with failures because of what happened to you in the past, you can help people to build perseverance and keep moving on regardless of their circumstances.

It’s time to make yourself a really good company so you can do self-dialogue. Schedule a time when you are away from distractions and find a quiet space where you can ask yourself these questions. Bring your notebook or find an app where you can write down the answers.

Enjoy the process and don’t worry if you can’t find the answers right away. Give yourself some time and they will be revealed to you.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below. For you who have found your life purpose, would you mind sharing your experience with other readers?


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  1. Ah this is really true. We can help others with our own bad experience. Therefore, i realized that my brokenness in the past is not mine, but there are many people that i can help to get through their mess, when i had the experience to get over that situation. Thank you for sharing this article

    1. Good on you 🙂 I believe it’s one of the best ways to deal with our brokenness or past experience. Bless others by sharing to them how we managed to get through it. Thank you for your comment 🙂 It’s nice to know there are people who can relate to what I have posted.

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