Embrace & Thrive

What is Authentic Living?

The world has a lot to offer. Opportunities and options are pulling in different directions. The influence of culture and our surroundings may have invaded our mind more pervasively than we thought.

Our culture expects us to have a career we can be proud of. Money, popularity, dominant leadership. Possessions … Not to mention the social media communities that “demand” us to display bright and cheerful selfies. A perfect family. Dream travel destinations. An exotic holiday trip … But wait … are these things really us?

You Need to Find Yourself First

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself these questions: ‘Am I happy now? Am I happy with my life? Are these things that I am trying to achieve really going to make me happy?’

If you really ask yourself what matters most to YOU, you may find answers that are different from what the world offers. We do not have to achieve all those things in order to be happy.

I know you are tired of broken promises. You may have tried countless self-help tips but you just can not silence the echo of that emptiness and gnawing ache. Don’t worry. I know your pain and misery. I have been there, too. I can show you the way out and walk you through it, but it is you who is going to take charge and choose to carry on with your journey.

Forget your plan if you are not done with recovery AND self-discovery. You need to find yourself first before you begin mapping out your vision. You need to find a safe place to harbour your fears and doubts and old pains. You need to find security as your solid foundation before you take that leap.

Who are we in our truest identity?

You were created as a unique individual with a unique purpose. Throughout your life, you have developed your signature strengths to overcome barriers and lead a meaningful life.

That is what I called an authentic living. Being the true you and serving your unique purpose with a burning passion. Having the confidence that you have all the resources and capacity you need to achieve your mission. This potential may have been dormant for quite some time, but it is ready to be unleashed.

Once you have found true joy and inner peace, you will have the strength to carry on and survive the storm or that prolonged dry season you may be facing.

It is time to become the true, authentic you. It is time for you to grow and thrive. It is time to flourish and make an impact.