Simplify & Optimise Your Day: 3 Useful Apps (2)


Happy New Year 2019! I hope you are excited about entering this new year as much as I do! I think this would be a perfect moment to start utilising some tools to make our days more effective. That way, we can free up more space in our minds to work on meaningful projects this year!

To follow up with my previous post, I would like to dig a bit deeper on how I use these apps. I will talk more about the Loop – Habit Tracker app, as the other two apps are more straightforward.

Tips on using Loop – Habit Tracker

I’ve been using this app for years. I used to put a lot of stuff on the list, but now I’m trying to keep things simple. Following are what you can include in the list to make the best of this app:

  • Important things in your daily routines, such as waking up earlier (write the exact time), drink two glasses of water in the morning, etc.
  • Other important things or themes you would like to remind yourself every day. For example, be nice to people, be thankful, etc.
  • Reminder to open other apps you may also be using

Some of my daily habits:

  • I put ‘Open Habits’ at the top of the list. ‘Habits’ is what it says under this app logo on the screen. I usually open this app in the morning, but there will be days when I’m in a hurry and skip to open it. Usually, this also means skipping a few other important activities in my list.
  • ‘Daily Devotion’. I do this devotion using another app. This is what I meant when I called this app a ‘base’ reminder in my previous post.
  • ‘Bible Progress’. This is the name of another app where I can track down how much I’ve been reading the Bible, by ticking each passage once I’ve finished reading it. My daily target is reading one passage of the Old Testament and one passage of the New Testament. So I will tick this item once this target is met.
  • ‘Open TickTick‘. I write my to-do list in TickTick. It’s pretty clean and straightforward. You can also sort out your lists under different categories.

Reminder Section

  • In the reminder section, I include my current spiritual focus, which is ‘LEAN on HIM’, as the first item. This will remind me of the spiritual attitude I need to develop at the time being. This reminder section is not some additional feature from the app. I just use a different text colour to visually ‘group’ some items under this ‘section’. These items are not activities we have to finish. They are a number of things we would like to keep in mind and usually deal with our attitude. I do tick these items after I finish reading them. When I skip opening Habits, it means I also miss reading these ‘reminders’.

Other Items

  • Other weekly or fortnightly routines such as texting a relative or an old friend.
  • To make this app really work, I also include ‘Review Habits’ to be done in every two weeks.

If you’re not used to using a habit tracker app, I really recommend this app. It’s the simplest one. It also offers statistics with clear information. Last but not least, it’s free and ads free! It doesn’t limit the number of list items like a few other similar apps unless you upgrade them to the paid ones.

For you who are already using apps, what productivity apps have you been using? Please share in the comments!


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  1. Wow this sounds amazing, downloading it right now!
    As for productivity apps, i am using ‘YourHour’. It’s a good app if you want to lessen your time on your phone.

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