How to Deal with Life’s Transition

There are times in our lives when we need to adapt to a new situation. Losing a loved one, relocating to a new place, working in a new company, these are changes that lead us into a phase of transition. We haven’t got used to how things work in the new place or situation, but […]

When Was the Last Time You Practiced Self-Compassion?

It has been a somewhat stressful week for me. There have been a few changes I needed to sort out. Some of them would benefit me, such as a longer extension for my student visa that is about to expire. However, some administrative procedures result in a delay in my visa application process. This delay […]

3 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

We are all walking on a journey toward making the best of our lives. We may¬†walk through different paths or have reached different stages in our journey, but one thing for sure, living with a purpose will help us find true joy and contentment. Some of us may have found our purposes, while the rest […]

Emptiness in Disguise

In the world that changes so fast, there’s always so much to be done and to keep up with. It’s easy for us to fall into a really hectic schedule. Our to-do list seems endless and we feel tired already as we wake up in the morning. We may need to improve our skills or […]