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Some of you who are struggling in some area of your life are probably familiar with how it feels like to lose hope. I have been there, too. Whether we are facing challenges because of external situations or our internal condition, keeping our hope alive is essential.

Spiritual Journey

I have been through different phases in my spiritual journey. Like many others, of course, I have been opposed to so many questions about life. In my younger years, I think a combination of being an introvert and losing my loved ones had made my mind wander to areas where most teenagers would not have explored.

I had spent so many years searching for answers until I came to realise that the only way to understand life is by knowing the Author of it. The One who has created me. Only since then, my life began to make sense. I still have why’s (why this and why that), but they are no longer essential questions. I have found my purpose and they just don’t matter to me anymore. Not only that I know my purpose, but I also believe I can always find hope along the course of my life.

Glimpses of Hope

There were times in my life when everything felt so dark and I could find no evidence that things will be better. My life wasn’t so bad, actually, but I just felt something that was worse than mere stagnancy. It was a combination of mixed emotions that will be difficult to describe. From what I can recall now, it was a burning and aching feeling. It was so painful that it had ruined my relationships and left me so devastated after each of those relationships ended.

During those difficult times, I have experienced significant moments when I felt this sense of hope. They weren’t extraordinary moments of delight, but in the midst of long, silent desperation, I could catch a glimpse of how it would be like when things are much better. It wasn’t the kind of feeling you get after watching or listening to some motivational speech. It was more like a vision of something beyond my current circumstances at that moment.

Moments like these had come to me twice. I just can’t help feeling in awe every time I reminisce them. It’s because I know I didn’t create those moments myself. I had been through times when I was strong enough to endure things, but I had also been through times when I lost that strength. It didn’t come from me. The hope. The faith to believe that there will be a time when everything will be restored and things will be so much different.

The New Beginning

Today, I am grateful that I am living a life that is far better than what I have experienced in the past. It has proved to me that those glimpses of hope were more like a promise of a better future. This was a promise made by The Author of my life. It wasn’t a false hope nor it was a broken promise. The realisation of this promise has carried me to the future I am living in now.

It was a promise of a new beginning. What has gone is gone. We can’t pretend as if nothing ever happened. Life is not a fairy tale, but once we are able to make peace with everything, we can begin to find true joy and live life to the fullest.

Our creator knows exactly who we are. He was The One who created us and He’s a loving God. He will never leave us nor forsake us. His good promises are available for everyone. I’m not the only one who can experience His goodness. You can experience it, too.

Have you ever experienced a dark time with your life? Or perhaps, you are still dealing with it now? Can I encourage you to share your stories with us here in the comments?


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Find Hope in The Author of Life
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Find Hope in The Author of Life
This is a story of how I have experienced a divine intervention in difficult times. During those times, I have experienced significant moments when I felt a sense of hope. Read the full article to find out more.
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Embrace & Thrive

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  1. There were some dark moments in my life too, and I believe that God, the Author of my life, had meant something beautiful to shape me with those experience.

    1. Hi sis Meidi,
      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you can relate to this post. Indeed, we are being beautifully crafted in His mighty hands 🙂

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