Embrace & Thrive

My Story

Cry if you must, or get mad at your situation, but don’t stay there forever. There is a raw seed within your heart. Once you know how to water and cultivate it, it will grow resilience and endurance. Strength and compassion. Hope and persistence. You will be a stronger person with the capacity to make a positive impact on your surroundings.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Having been born and raised in a warm and loving family, I used to have a pretty nice childhood. Between weekend outings, family road trips and playing board games with my siblings, it just never occurred to me that I was about to lose my parents in the coming years.

My mother passed away when I was in my seventh grade, followed by my father in the first week of my college years.

I somehow managed to keep my life on track, such as finishing school, pursuing higher education and eventually earning my living by having decent jobs. I thought things should be okay, but the fact was they were not.

I was so miserable and depressed for so long and it had destroyed my relationships as well as my esteem.

It was not until a point in my life where I felt so low that I realised that there was something wrong with me. I needed a breakthrough and things just had to change, but I did not know where to start.

It was the discovery of my true identity that has changed everything. It was through an encounter with The Creator of life, and things had got better since then. Years later, I finally met my partner for life and we were united in holy matrimony in 2015.

A New Beginning

I am so grateful that I finally got married AFTER I had been internally healed. I just can not imagine if I were married to one of my previous partners. By then, I would not have had the clarity, wisdom and maturity to choose the right person.

I can not tell you that life has been easy ever since I experienced the breakthrough. Just like you and everyone else, I still have to face daily struggle and challenges. I am not perfect, I still make mistakes, but now I have a clear life purpose. It keeps my hope alive and my heart overflowing with thankfulness.

I am grateful that season after season, new opportunities unfold. Now, I am living my dream of moving abroad and living in a foreign country.

I had once buried this dream, but here I am now, in a beautiful country, just 3-hours drive from Hobbiton, one of the beautiful filming locations of The Lord of the Rings.

You and I are precious creatures and each one of us was created as a unique individual with a set of character strengths.

There is hope. There is always hope. Be encouraged that if it’s raining today, there’s always sunshine after the rain.