When Was the Last Time You Practiced Self-Compassion?

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It has been a somewhat stressful week for me. There have been a few changes I needed to sort out. Some of them would benefit me, such as a longer extension for my student visa that is about to expire. However, some administrative procedures result in a delay in my visa application process.

This delay is really making me nervous. We certainly do not want to have my husband’s work visa expired before the new one is approved. I really hate to push or nag people, but there are circumstances where I need to become more ‘assertive’ to get things done.

I tend to be organised and well-planned. As you may have guessed, I get so irritable when things become unpredictable or somewhat out of control. This really distracted me and kept me from getting some assignments done. As a result, I have much of unfinished ‘homework’ this weekend. Not to mention how it stresses me out to think about the upcoming deadlines in the next couple of weeks.

Longing for solitude as a way of practicing self-compassion

At times like this, I just feel this longing for solitude. A type of solitude that is more like ‘an imaginative space’ in my mind than physical solitude. A calm, quiet space where I can breathe slowly and deeply. Where I can feed myself with gentle thoughts with soft music playing in the background. This change of internal atmosphere will help positive emotions starts flowing.

I used to have a list of favourite slow songs that I could associate with a sense of peace whenever I played them. I think listening to soft music while creating this ‘safe place’ in my mind is one of the most effective ways for me in terms of practising self-compassion.

So, how about you? When was the last time you practised self-compassion and what is your favourite way of doing it? Perhaps it is positive self-talk such as telling yourself You are Enough? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Well same here, these last two months I’ve been so overwhelmed with Visa application for my boss. Dealing with so many institutions and their birocracy to get just one letter. What i did was taking a deep breath and let go all that i can’t control, and did my best for the things i can control. Keep calm helps a lot, and prayer as well.

    1. Exactly! Took so long just to get a few letters. I’m still learning, though. To manage my emotions and let go of the things I can’t control, while keep doing my best for the things I can. Thanks for your comment, Lia 🙂

  2. Agree with this one.
    Life becomes unclear for me in the past few days, many bizzare ups and downs. I don’t have many escape plans, just to spend more quality time with prayers and my family. Some people said that staying quiet means doing nothing, but to me (at this particular moment) I must stay quiet towards those challenges that come to my family in a sudden. Constantly and consistently praying is also bringing ease to my mind. Hopefully things will be better soon.

    1. I am sorry that you have to go through some difficult situation. I feel you, my friend. There are times when things get confusing and we don’t know what to do. Sometimes it helps to just stay quiet for a while until we know what to do next. Hope you will find the wisdom to respond to this situation and things will get better soon. Keep up the spirit and thanks for sharing with us here 🙂

  3. losing both parents drag me to emotional issue, never been easy for an extrovert to be alone. Also, I used to have difficulty to stay quiet for hours and doing nothing. But, lately I found peace in a calm and quiet place where I can think clearly. I also learn to give thanks for everything I have, and by God’s grace, I’m strong enough for letting go things which not belong to me.

    1. Hi Naomee. Thank you for sharing your story. I agree with you, gratitude helps. I am glad you have such wisdom and faith to carry on. All the best with your journey 🙂

  4. It was just two days ago. A practicum quiz was up for the next day but I had a lot to think about, especially about my thesis. What I did was what I usually do, that is, eat some good food while watching a movie or my favourite series. After that I could continue doing what I had to do: study.

    1. Hi Natasha,
      I love eating yummy food while watching a movie also! Sometimes we do need this ‘break’ to loosen up our minds before we continue working or studying. Writing a thesis is not easy. I am in the middle of that, too 😀 Wish you luck with your study 🙂

  5. My sister Meidi fwd me your page and asked me to comment.
    I browsed through some of your posts here, and I like it. I can relate, and I admire your ability in putting the thoughts into readable bits.
    I stop from beating myself up over some mistake, or from letting myself be so carried away by some negativity, by the simple realization that I am just a little tool in the hand of the Mighty Creator. I just let myself be used for the good of others in my daily life, and whatever turns up will be for the good. As such, any success is not mine, and any mistake is not a disaster. And so I keep the peace of mind.

    1. Hi sis Yanti,
      Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. Your feedback helps raise my confidence to keep writing these messages.
      I really like your perspective: any success is not mine and any mistake is not a disaster. That’s so true and so important. I will keep it in mind. Thanks again 🙂

  6. There were days when I used to beat my self up everytime I made mistakes, even over the small ones.
    It wasn’t until I tamed my inner critic that I started to practice self compassion on daily basis.

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