Embrace & Thrive

Story Project

In this story project, I have been exploring the art of storytelling as a mean to inspire and make a positive impact on readers.

The main storytelling technique will be developed around producing an illustrated book to share positive values in an entertaining way.

The location setting of this story will be in an amusement park, where the characters are amusement rides like the Roller Coaster, Spinning Teacup, Flying Elephant, etc.
These characters will face conflicts and find some way to cope with new challenges.

I am still working on the story structure and characterisation, but I have been sharing my progress in my Instagram.

You can follow these hashtags: #embraceandthrivestory #amusementparkstory

The first one was originally created by me, but someone else has created the latter, so there are a few posts that were created by other people.