You are Enough


It’s funny that as I have started writing this blog, someone I know has been experiencing some emotional challenge – a similar challenge I have experienced in the past.

I lost both my parents during my teenage years. My mother passed away when I was 13, and after that my father when I was 19. It was a difficult transition because I used to have a happy childhood. These new changes were too difficult to swallow for me as a teenager who only knew a little about life, and in this little world that I knew, everything was perfect and in order. A harmonious family, loving parents and cool siblings, nice holiday trips, good education and good grades at school.

I wasn’t prepared to experience such loss and it took me over a decade to accept the reality. I’ve been going through difficult seasons and a few phases where I had to fight emotional challenges since then. What this person has been struggling with reminds me of my own story.

I created this blog to share with you what I have learned from my own – as well as others’ – experience. So what I have shared in the previous posts is also based on my own experience. Everyone is different in how they perceive their experience and how they respond to it, so not everyone can relate to what I’ve been saying. However, for those who are struggling in some way, keep in mind that change is a process. Be patient. Make peace with yourself and remember that ‘You are enough’.

You may not be in a position or a situation where you wish to be. You may not have become the person you wish to be. Let go of it all .. disappointments,  unmet expectations, frustrations .. Stop running from yourself, stop avoiding the pain by reaching out to more distractions and make yourself as busy as can be .. You are enough. You can just be.


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  1. Yes, totally agree woth this one..
    The past is the past, we should let the past be the past. The past may have such a wonderful success glory or pitiful failure, but they are not our present to live with. The only good thing about the past is the lesson (and of course, the experience). Learn the lesson well so we shall prepare ourselves to live the better present and face the upcoming future. Use the past so we can live our present wisely. Combine the lesson from the past and wise management of present so we shall level up our lives and press forward our life progression. Hopefully, that will lead us in giving positive impacts and influences towards others whereever we are and whichever circumstances we are in.

    Look forward to read your next article, Anastasia. (How about compiling these articles as one book or e-book?)

    1. That’s a thoughtful comment. I love the wisdom in it. That’s a way to truly ’embrace’ our past and our present. Learn from past lessons, let go of the hurting, use it to improve our present. Then, it doesn’t just stop there. We can also give a positive impact on others. However, what is also important, and the thing that I’d like to highlight in this post is ‘self-acceptance’. Sometimes we are being too hard to ourselves, and we always feel lacking something. Once we can accept ourselves for who we are, and NOT for what we have or have not achieved, we are on the right track and able to improve whatever we want to improve.
      It’s easier said than done, but I believe it’s doable. Keep up the spirit.
      I will give your feedback a thought. Maybe I will compile and package them in some form that can be accessed easily, someday.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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